eBase is a specialized Electronic Medical Record (EMR) that fully supports the activities and administrative tasks of doctors, specialists, researchers, and laboratory technicians in an IVF clinic.
eWitness is an error prevention system of the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) procedure. All actions are traceable, and data is securely documented. This way, eWitness eliminates human errors.
Complete eFertility offers complete modular software applications, easy to integrate.
User-friendly Dedicated interface, customized to your role.
Safety first Availability, traceability, and secure access with a complete audit trail.

Our solutions

Designed with medical professionals

eFertility developed eBase and eWitness in close cooperation with medical professionals. Regardless its size, your clinic requires software that is immediately available from your web browser. eFertility realizes this. Our software fully supports medical registration, monitoring, administrative tasks, and patient interaction. Thanks to the extensive, flexible management dashboard, it is suitable for both the clinic and the lab and is easy to use at every level. After all, the reason you choose this job is not to spend your days working on administration… but to deliver outstanding patient care!

Some of our references
‘eFertility is a flexible, trustworthy and highly professional company. Their employees are experts in the workfield and know how to meet client expectations.’
Prof. J. Laven, gynaecologist at Erasmus University Hospital Rotterdam MC

eBase features

Safe digital registration

eBase enables safe digital registration and managing of patient information, while also enabling data analysis. The system provides direct insight into patients’ status, the treatment plan, and the treatment progress. This includes correspondence, consultation scheduling, procedure registration, and patient interaction. eBase is a modular system and can be customized to meet the clinic’s individual requirements.

eWitness Features

All actions are traceable

eWitness offers fertility clinics peace of mind about the entire treatment workflow. All actions are traceable, and data is securely documented. It prevents critical errors such as mix-ups of sperm, eggs, or embryos, as eWitness provides clarity to the user in every step of the process. eWitness contributes greatly to managing the quality of IVF treatment programs. eWitness can be used as a stand-alone solution or fully integrated in eBase.

eFertility news

6 September 2022

We are pleased to announce that SellmerDiers Sperm Bank (Denmark) has chosen eWitness.

At Sellmediers, humanity, responsibility and consideration for the individual are the key principles. The use of eWitness is a logical step to prevent critical errors and provide clarity in every step of the process. We are looking forward to our collaboration with Marlene Vium and Maja D. K. Fedder.
13 July 2022

UZ Gent (Belgium) has chosen eWitness

We are pleased to announce that UZ Gent has chosen eWitness. We are looking forward to our collaboration with Kelly Tilleman and Anneleen van de Velde.
3 July 2022

ESHRE 2022 – Milan

We invite you to discover the new possibilities of eWitness at booth A11 at ESHRE 2022. The electronic witness system with barcode and RFID in one solution! Patient data can be PRINTED onto the RFID tags, eliminating blind or handwritten labels

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