Benefits of eFertility

  • Designed for ART clinics
  • Complete modular software
  • User-friendly customised screen layout
  • Safety first; stable and secure access

there’s more....

We have the answer to you and your staff members web-based application needs, either in the cloud or on-site eFertility’s flexible linking options allow integration in any organization. The system complies with standards like HL7 and RESTFul, so the safe exchange of electronic information is guaranteed and can be adapted to local requirements.

In addition, eFertility is the solution for the complete digitalisation of your services. It allows digital correspondence with other care providers and between clinics and labs. Extensive reporting and correspondence modules allow you to work without the usual piles of paper. The uniform data format enables easy data sharing and multi-centred data analyses.

”Thanks to this user-friendly system, the limited time that we have can actually be dedicated to our patients, rather than being wasted on all kinds of administrative tasks.“
Dr. Jesper Smeenk, Gynaecologist

eFertility is easily integrated with every Hospital Information System (HIS). Because it's a web-based application, eFertility is accessible from any location at the clinic. This user-friendly system is easily accessed by the full range of users, from specialists to medical receptionists. Patient information can be retrieved with just one click and it is easy to collect and store data.

eFertility saves you time and energy because it is a smart, simple and efficient program. Just imagine you can spend this time and energy on delivering outstanding patient care…. the reason why you choose this job in the first place!